David Lord



sopython is the Python chat community on Stack Overflow. We maintain a website with a wiki, The Canon, and some other tools and resources. The site is written in Flask and uses OAuth to authenticate through Stack Overflow. We use the Stack Overflow API to get user and question information.

The Canon is a project to collect canonical questions about Python on Stack Overflow. There are some topics and questions that are very common or very fundamental, which have received stellar answers. These questions are what we want to close new questions as duplicates of when appropriate. Good duplicates are signposts that help searchers find these canonical posts. The Canon helps us categorize and find these answers, since it's hard to keep track of on our own.

I am a "room owner" in the Python chat room. It's not as glamorous as it first sounds, but I use the tools available to keep the room on track and friendly. We're a welcoming group, come join and say hi!