David Lord



Flask is a popular Python web application framework. It is known as a "micro framework" because it does not make many decisions for the developer, allowing them complete control over how their project is designed. Despite the "micro" philosophy, there is an active community that develops extensions that add features to Flask and make it easy to create awesome web applications.

from flask import Flask

app = Flask(__name__)

def index(name='World')
    return f'Hello, {name}!'

I became a core maintainer in 2014 after being active in the community for a year before that. As a maintainer, I have helped categorize issues, review and merge patches, and also contribute code. I want to grow the Flask community by getting more developers, both new and experienced, invested in maintaining the project.

I have the Flask gold badge on Stack Overflow. I contribute high-quality answers to Flask questions in order to create an informative and lasting resource for developers.