David Lord


These are projects I created, help maintain, or have contributed to.

Flask (http://flask.pocoo.org/)
A popular Python web application framework.
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Pallets Projects (https://palletsprojects.com/)
The organization that develops Flask, Werkzeug, Jinja, Click, and more. The goal is to develop focused packages that make constructing applications fun and easy.
sopython.com (http://sopython.com)
The website for the Python chat community on Stack Overflow.
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Flask-Alembic (https://flask-alembic.readthedocs.io/)
A Flask extension that configures Alembic migrations for Flask-SQLAlchemy.
Flask-SQLAlchemy (http://flask-sqlalchemy.pocoo.org/)
Integrates SQLAlchemy engine and session management with Flask's request response cycle as well as adding some additional helpful behaviors.
Flask-WTF (https://flask-wtf.readthedocs.io/)
A Flask extension that makes it secure and convenient to use WTForms with Flask.
Sphinx-Log-Cabinet (https://github.com/davidism/sphinx-log-cabinet)
Collects, sorts, and collapses long lists of inline changelogs in Sphinx documentation.
Flask-Login (https://flask-login.readthedocs.io/)
Authentication and user session management for Flask.
WTForms (https://wtforms.readthedocs.io/)
A Python library for generating and processing HTML form data.